Merry Christmas with Goodies!

This morning, I woke up thinking….. Oh, I need to go pick up some Christmas goodies for all the Christmas dinner parties we must attend. So I thought of my favorite bakery.

Anytime I have brought something from this bakery to a dinner party we were invited to, the guests take one bite and all I hear at the table is “mmmmmm” …. “Wow this is good, Issa did you make this?” or “Did your mother-in-law make this?” I must always confess
that I bought it, from my favorite bakery, Tomassini.

Tomassini is located in Piane Di Falerone, this bakery makes everything on site. The owner Katia, is extremely nice with the warmest smile and is ever so happy to explain what is in all her goodies. They have a wonderful assortment of breads and a whole section dedicated to macrobiotic goodies as well.

This bakery is well worth the trip…. Yummmmmy!!!

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