Happy New Year Snow 2017


Yes, it snows here…. this photo I just took from my terrace of the snow-covered rolling hills we have here (sorry for the phone wires).

This is only the beginning, we have many more days of snowfall. This also means that 40 min west of my house there is full-blown Skiing, Snowboarding, hiking with snowshoes  and if there is wind at night under the light of a full moon, Snow-Kiting. Many outdoor activities, if you are not the sports person then there is always a warm wood lodge to hang out and have a Punch! A Punch, what is this you might be thinking, well its a hot alcoholic drink that comes in different flavors like rum, chocolate or mandarin. For the non alcoholic drinks, the hot chocolate here, is what dreams are made of, almost like a pudding with real whipped cream. The assortments of teas will make your head spin, from  Earl Gray to English Breakfast Tea, warm apple & cinnamon tea, fruits of the forest tea and lets not forget fennel tea and all the medicinal teas as well….

Winter has come and this is also a wonderful sign that our Spring will be beautiful with colorful wildflowers, let me not get ahead of myself. Lets enjoy the flurries of snow.

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