Mary, Mother of mercy…



Amazingly this past Saturday I was invited to join members of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) to the exhibition of Maria Mater Misericordiae in Senigallia, that is located in the northern part of Le Marche. This was held in the beautiful Palazzo del Duca, and we had a special guided tour from the wonderful Professor Stefano Papetti. I can say that my mind was blown away by the exquisite masterpieces from some of the top galleries and museums of Italy.

I went on an artistic journey to the roots of the sacred painted by some of the greatest artists of  the Italian Renaissance on devotion to Mary, Mother of mercy, with whom seek protection for their families and cities threatened by the nightmare of the plague. I had the privilege of seeing paintings and works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Della Robbia, Carlo Crivelli, Peter Paul Rubens and so many more, all dating back to the early 1400’s.

The first 3 photos of work I took , show Mary protecting the old, young, rich and poor with men on one side and women on the other. From what I understood God would send down angels to shoot arrows and kill anyone who was not under the protection of Mary, Mother of mercy. This is why it was so important back then to baptize your child as soon as he or she was born.

This next painting I found really interesting. When a child would misbehave terribly, a mother would say, “Now the devil will come and get you, and take you away!”  But then like all mothers, she feel horrible for yelling at her child. No mother wants harm to come to her baby, so she would ask Mary, Mother of mercy for protection.

So in this painting you see Mary with a stick in her hand trying to beat away the devil, as the mother clings to Mary’s cloak.


I honestly can go on and on because it was all so interesting and beautiful.

please enjoy all the photos I took.


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