A Real Snow Day!

snow day, skiing, le marche, sibillini

Sunrise on a beautiful snow day.

And Not from my Window.

The magic of Le Marche is, we have everything, on a small-scale. We might not have The Alps or the greatest biggest mountains for skiing but we have something and this is what we have. Inside our Monti Sibillini National Park.


This is only one, of a few places we have to play in the snow. I don’t ski or snowboard but for those who do and want to learn, here at Monte Sasso Tetto there is plenty to do. For skiing, there are different slopes to come down depending on your skill and also the baby slopes. Then with a hike up to the other side we have this.

Nordic walking\trekking, also with guides who explain the mountain ranges we have, for your safety. For example, teaching you how to recognize the different patterns of snow and wind to avoid getting hurt or worse. There is Snow-kite fun, bring your dogs along they are so very welcome. Hiking (this is what I do) up hill tops to crosses,  taking photos of the beautiful views.  Do you think you can enjoy our magic?

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