Porto San Giorgio Outdoor Market.


The setup of the, Porto San Giorgio Market

Thursday mornings in Porto San Giorgio, is full of hustle and bustle. I personally, am not too fond of crowds, so I came out early to watch the venders set up their goods. This market is big, it covers 5 blocks, 6 streets and 1 piazza. All in the center of Porto San Giorgio.

I found out that people, in the a.m. don’t like someone filming or taking
photos of them. So to show you my photo’s, I had to act like a spy….shhhhh.


It was freezing today of I bought myself a pair of gloves that was touch phone friendly, so I could continue taking photos. The PSG market is actually really amazing and full of great finds. Right now we are in the winter months and people don’t like to come out in the early morning cold weather, so I was able to move around easily. But in the Spring and Summer months and today closer to 10am, this market becomes packed with people. With vendor calling to you, women haggling over prices, friends getting together to gossip,as they stroll “slowly” up and down the streets.

This is all because you can find great bargains from clothing, shoes, undergarments, house hold good, flowers and food. Some venders make a living going from market to market, while others actually have boutiques and stores in nearby villages. They are happy to give you a businesss card, so you can stop by at your own convenience.


Porto San Giorgio Thursday Market.

If you are in the area, come out and enjoy this lovely seaside market. Remember its only open from 8 to 12 noon on Thursdays and in the summer months also on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Porto San Giorgio Outdoor Market.

    • Issa says:

      no i have not been…. but would love to go… is it the whole month of May? I will find out, thank you Patricia for the heads up and the support on my blog.


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