What is an Agriturismo?

Agriturismo (ag’ – rē – tü – rē’ smō)  The word Agriturismo, is two Italian words combined, agricoltura (agriculture) and turismo (tourism).

              History (compressed)

In 1985, “Agriturismo” was officially recognized by the Italian government. To support small farmers (who could not sustain their lands on their own) with funds to preserve their family owned farms and land. So, by allowing them to add tourism, these farms became operational again. First of all, for this support it has to be a working farm, producing things like cereals, olive oil, bees, vegetables,
herbs, fruits, cheeses, meats and wine. Secondly, they must use their own products in preparation of food for their guests. Like, fruit made into marmalade and honey from the bees for breakfast or cured meats and olive oil served at lunch or dinner. They are also allowed to sell, their products directly to their guest. The more income a farm generates from this, the government allows more tourism activities for the farm like, more rooms to rent and upgrades for the farm, some even have beautiful swimming pools.

Talk about, Farm to Table food!

Agriturismo’s  are one of Italy’s, best kept secrets. If you want to travel off the beaten path of life and truly understand the land and the people of where you are visiting. This is something we will discover together in the next few months, while I go on a search for Agriturismo’s in my area. So if you want to come for a visit you will know where to stay. Also lets not forget Le Marche is also located on the Adriatic Sea, so we have a delicious array of seafood as well. But that will be another blog.

7 thoughts on “What is an Agriturismo?

  1. James Speed says:

    This was such an interesting and informative article, Le Marche is such a great place to enjoy so many different activities.
    Staying at an Agriturismo is the perfect way to enjoy all the best Le Marche has to offer, beautiful countryside that will take your breath away, medieval hilltop towns that seem lost in time.
    Your first trip to Le Marche won’t be your last, this magical part of Italy is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

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  2. Antonella Frinconi says:

    Thanks Issa for explain the real meaning of Agriturismo. For us who live here is an important realities. We usually go there to taste real organic food cooked by tradition. In Agriturismo you can eat the real cooking of le Marche and in every locations you can find a little difference because everyone cook its specialties. So… enjoy your meal to all!

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