Lame Rosse: the Monument Valley of Le Marche!

Reading this I personally can’t wait to do this hike. Lago to Fiastra is amazing… this post is beautiful. So followers please visit this website to read this post and so much more.


Dear friends,  I thought a lot before writing today’s post about a hike I had back in August. The reason of my sadness is that this area is currently closed to the public due to the recent terrible earthquake. This still make me feel very sad. Nevertheless, I want to remember this area the way it was and I feel lucky I had the chance to visit it in person before the tragic event on August 24, 2016.

Actually, I wanted to visit the so called “Lame Rosse” close to the town of Fiastra for long. The photos of the area I looked up online reminded me of the scenic splendor of the Monument Valley in the US.

So, back to that day and after parking my car, I was ready and so excited to start hiking! However, the unexpected landscape I was sorrounded by totally blew my mind: the Lake of…

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2 thoughts on “Lame Rosse: the Monument Valley of Le Marche!

  1. thephraser says:

    I can’t imagine how hard this winter has been in Le Marche. I hope the summer will be beautiful and still, just as this post remembers. Reading this piece makes me feel guilty about not doing more hiking on our trip to Le Marche. We were too comfortable in Montelparo although we did manage to drag ourselves away over the mountains to see Ascoli Piceno with its stunning squares and delicious food.

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    • Le Marche Magic. says:

      Yes the earthquakes this passed year destroyed a lot and this is what prompted me to make this website. Thank goodness i did get to see many places before they were destroyed and I must say that the marchigiani really pull together as a people, to help one another. But this has been a very very sad time.


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