#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaeval-village #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castles #villages

Le Marche (south) II

Todays adventure was still in the southern parts of Le Marche. Unlike the last time,  I explored inland. Today were mainly seaside towns, that I think are beautiful and have, much to offer.  Acquaviva Picena, San Benedetto del Tronto, Grottammare, Cupra Marittima.  As shown on the map below.   


I began my days adventure, in Aquaviva.

#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaevalvillage #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castels #villages

Acquaviva fortress La Rocca, is one of the largest castles in Le Marche. Rebuilt by Baccio Pontelli in the 15th century after it was attacked in 1447 by, Fermo.  But from what I read, it was originally built by the family, Acquaviva in 1300.  

The main sights to see here in Acquaviva are, the clocktower, Romanesque church of San Rocco (13th century),  Church of San Nicolòm built in the 16th century, Church of San Lorenzo (17th century). And most of all the charming little village streets and beautiful views.

Driving and had to stop and take a photo of this view


A view of San Benedetto from Acquaviva

Next off to San Benedetto del Tronto.

#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaeval-village #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castles #villages

Sign of San Benedetto…. ugh, kids! must you write on everything.

I only showed photos of the main shopping Piazza Matteotti, but San Benedetto does have an interesting history and many other things to do and see. During the summer months the beaches are beautiful, with many chalets to choose from to enjoy a meal. 


In 1478, there was a plague epidemic which destroyed the city’s population. The area remained virtually uninhabited until refugees from Romagna (an area just above Le Marche) ,repopulated San Benedetto where they were granted, land leases.  From the 16th century until the 19th century, the Turks repeatedly invaded the city where they captured sailors and forced them into slavery.

From 1943 to 1944, during the Second World War, the city suffered 144 air raids and 6 naval shelling. Following the end of war II, the city’s economy and businesses prospered. Fishing became a cornerstone of the local economy and in the 1960s and 1970s, the city became one of the largest fishing ports in Italy.

Now to Grottammare…..

The old village of Grottammare also has been awarded, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

I must be honest, this place is a treat to see at night. With the lighting on the old castle walls and the many delicious tiny gourmet restaurants and wine and dessert bars. It is absolutely charming. If you come for a visit this is where we will come at night to eat. But as you can see during the day it is just as lovely and you like myself will have the village to yourself.


Last but not least Cupra Marittima Alta.

#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaeval-village #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castles #villages #seafood

Cupra this is along the sea but we are going to go up to the old village.

Back in 268 BC Cupra Marittima was a fishing village that was famous for the production of oil, olives and sea trade with its large sea port. Because of this it was continuously bing invaded by barbarians then came the Moors.

#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaeval-village #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castles #villages #seafood

The castle of Cupra

The villagers retreated on the heights of the hills creating Castrum Maranum (the strongest defensive core) for their protection. As I walk around this village, I can still see traces of the life that once was. It is haunting and beautiful all at the same time.

There is also the story of, The Goddess Cupra. A deity of Picena origins, who represented the equivalent of Venus to the Romans.

Thus the amazing Shell Museum and the Archaeological Museum of the Territory, it was closed so this is still something I must revisit. When I do I will revise this blog as well.

#Acquaviva #SanBenedetto #Grottammare #Cupra #Lemarchemagic #landscape #mediaeval-village #Ascoli Piceno #seaside #castles #villages #seafood

The view and where I went to go find some seafood.

It also features a fantastic cycling path of 3 km, that connects Cupra to Grottammare.Also has shopping and a modern district with pine forest and a beautiful beach promenade.


By now I am starving and it’s just past lunch time, so I headed down the hill side and found a restaurant serving delicious seafood, ahhhh day complete.

Now home, I hope you enjoyed this adventure……

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