Medieval Jewels (part I)


Yes, I have been “enchanted”, by Le Marche……But….Shhhhh….My area is the Best! Now with that being said, today I decided to explore the Medieval Villages around my own home. Because this is where, the Magic of Le Marche Zapped me. I will be blogging a lot about this area, while discovering the other four provinces.

Heading to Belmonte Piceno.

Belmonte is a sweet little village high up on a hill. From here you really have views, north, south east and west. Looking north down into the valley, you see the future with factories and industries. To the south, you see the past, with rolling hills and farmlands.

To the right, Servigliano or left, “The Magic Triangle” of Fermo. I call it this because these three villages share an enchanting valley.

First up Monteleone di Fermo.

I began my story here, in Le Marche, in this jewel of a village. Actually I fell in-love with the valley and it’s magical name, Lion Mountain.

Something special is happening here, volcanic mud is bubbling up from inside the earth.

Since the first earthquakes of L’Aquila in 2009 mud has been bubbling up from the earth. I personally am still waiting for them to build a spa using this mud. Monteleone is a jewel with breathtaking views, if you want a first hand experience. They have a restaurant called Belvedere that sits right on the cliff of the valley, during the spring & summer months. The sunsets from here are unforgettable.

Back on the road.

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Going to….

Next is Montelpero.

Montelparo, the village is much bigger than Monteleone. They have some shops there and the streets are like a webbed network going up to the main church on top. San Michele Arcangelo built back in century  X-XVI, there are 7 different churches in this tiny, yes I said, “tiny” mediaeval village. The whole village is a castle with churches and shops inside of it, completely charming to stroll around. Here they have the famous “Baccala” festival, that I went to and posted about back in January.

now…..oh! How cute!

#Lemarchemagic #mediaevalvillages #landscapes #rolling hills  #Monteleone #Belmonte #Santavicttoria #Montelparo #adventures #travel


Off to Santa Vittoria

The oldest street in Santa Vittoria, Via Perticaria is accessed through the archway of the clock tower, in the main square. This mediaeval village has kept much of it history and charm. Going to the left of the main square, up a steep tiny street.

We pass a convent for nuns, and arrive to the steps of. The Collegiate Sanctuary Church of Santa Vittoria, built between 1741 and 1815 , in the crypt which houses the marble sarcophagus containing the remains of the Patron Saint. Just along side of the steps is a path into a charming park of San Francesco, which at the top of a winding path with gorgeous views. We arrive to a Chapel that crowns this village.

what a nice relaxing morning exploring

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