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Medieval Jewels (Part II)

 Magliano di Tenna


Magliano di Tenna (Tenna is the river that runs on the valley floor) rises 293 meters above sea level. With views as far as the Adriatic Sea to the Sibillini Mountains. This “ tiny” medieval village, Magliano sits on its hill-top, like an egg within a nest.

The earliest historical records dates back to 1199 of the castle of Magliano, because in Ascoli Piceno there was a fire that destroyed everything except fragments of paper. So the only records found were from 1199 and states how it was returned to Montegiorgio.

This darling castle has been in a game of Ping Pong for centuries between Fermo and Montegiorgio.

Up until 1950 the main activity of the population was agriculture, then small factories began popping up with the production of containers for cereals, wicker and straw baskets and brooms. In the sixties began the industrial development and also in Magliano arose shoe factories and plastic processing.

Magliano di Tenna, has a statuious  tower call Bora. The Italian Institute of Castles, gave The Tower of Bora a Recognition Plate as, the best restoration of fortifications in Italy for 2002.

I hope you enjoy the photos below.

Next is another Jewel, Moresco.

#lemarchemagic #medievalvillages #lemarche #Maglianoditenna #Magliano #castles #Moresco

Moresco from above

There is little know about Moresco, but this sweet medieval jewel of a village has special qualities .The castle of Moresco is strategically located on a hill-top that controls the underlying valley of Aso (Aso is the name of the river that flows in the valley below).

The name itself  Moresco has  unknown origens, there are so many theories, like it came from a gentleman named Morico or the Mori family or from the name Morro, Morrecine, that means rocky ground. But there are also 2 other theories that I like better: first a group of Moors, in their raids along the Adriatic coast, came and settled inland to build a fortress. Or second that is in contrast with the first says that, the fortified castle was built next to the sea to repel the assaults of the Saracens (the Moors).

The old village of Moresco, with its triangle structure has an amazingly unusual heptagonal tower, that is 25 meters high, if we ask the town hall they may allow you to climb up, inside to see the amazing views. In the main square that also has a triangle shape has charming alcove with well preserved frescos under glass and the Town Hall also has a large altarpiece from Pagan times.

Please enjoy the photos I took below.

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