#lemarchemagic #lemarche #medievalvillages #torredipalme #landscape

Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme was awarded, One of the most beautiful villages of 2017.

#lemarchemagic #lemarche #medievalvillages #torredipalme #landscape

Torre di Palme

The name Torre di Palme that translates as Tower of Palm (I thought for many years, Palme stood for palm trees and this place has none) comes from the hamlet below, Marina Palmense. 

#lemarchemagic #lemarche #medievalvillages #torredipalme #landscape

Marina Palmense

Marina Palmense was a fishing village that in the “High Middle Ages” was constantly being attacked by pirates, so the villagers took refuge up on top of the steep hill and built Torre di Palme.

#lemarchemagic #lemarche #medievalvillages #torredipalme #landscape

Torre di Palme voted 2017 most beautiful of Italy

This medieval village rises 104 meters above sea level and has a population now of 272 inhabitants, from the eastern square you can enjoy remarkable panoramic views overlooking the  Adriatic coastline extending all the way to the beautiful and strong, Monte Conero. Torrre di Palme was founded in the sixth century BC (yeah thats right sixth century).

This charming village has beautifully decorated narrow streets and three churches, the church of Saint’Agostino has a 3 paneled painting / polyptych by Crivelli and a painting by Vincenzo Pagani. Also attached is the nearby forest called Cugnolo that is protected for its Mediterranean scrubs and birds sanctuary. There are many paths that one can hike, and you may even end up facing the famous “Cave of the Lovers”.

#lemarchemagic #lemarche #medievalvillages #torredipalme #landscape

cave of the lovers

True story on the cave of The Lovers:

The year was 1911, Antonio and Laurina were young and in love, ahhhh bliss. Antonio was called to go to war in Libya but first was stationed in Ascoli for training.

During his time there Laurina, who was illiterate learned to read and write so they could exchanged letters of love. The day came that Antonio got a “brief” leave from his military post and took this opportunity to see the love of his life,  Laurina. While they were saying their goodbyes at the train station, in Pedaso. The pain of separation was too much for the lovers and they escaped into the natural forest and took refuge in a cave, now Antonio became a deserter.

It was winter and it was cold, they survived for more than a week eating bread and sardines brought to them by the local fishermen. But then the lovers were overcome with remorse and rather than being separated with Antonio going to jail, they decided to die. They went to the overhanging cliff of Fosso di San Filippo, tied themselves together with Laurina’s shawl and jumped. They fell 70 meters Laurina’s grandfather found them, she was dead from the fall but Antonio was alive with terrible back injuries.

Guarded by soldiers he only survived a few weeks, but expressed to family he did not understand the attention since he would have been executed anyway.

Please enjoy the photos of the cave and Torre di Palme.

I hope you enjoyed!

Written by Issa

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