I Have Immersed Completely

In The Magic of Le Marche

Le marche magic

What a View.



Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

Biking to to see newborn babies

Biking up a mountain to see a new born baby

BBQing on my terrace

BBQ on my terrace

Loving the boar

They love their wild boars

Dancing in the snow

Dancing in the Snow!



picking & eating raspberries

Eating wild Raspberries

family visits

Family came to visit

Amazing ceilings in churches

Ceilings of Churchs

Fun with little people

Funny Faces with Little People

enjoying the the sun on the rocks

Sitting on the rocks by the sea.

Over grown terrace

Oh No! an over grown terrace!

New friends...American, Italian & English

Friends an American, Italian & English

SeaSide Walks

Walks on the beach

first loves

Beautiful views.

My wonderful husbandMy wonderful husband


First loves with a magical Sunset!

Le Marche has been and still is pure Magic for me.



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