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“Zip post” La Bi-bio-teca an Organic Farm

I had an amazing experience today, I was taken to lunch by a dear friend of mine Ann P. She took me to a place called “La Bi/bio/teca” I really need to write a proper blog on this place because it is amazing!

But right now, I just need to share a Zip Post with you.


I went to the website and was so excited to try this place out!  After the sign, we had a sharp turn right down a narrow gravel road.

Then I was met with the images above. Real, free range chickens and a beautiful garden growing with a wild herb garden to the side(mind you, we are in the winter months I was amazed at the veggie’s I saw growing), my tummy did a cartwheel!

The menu is a set menu, except on Saturday when they have…….. Hamburger Day! But I was there on Sunday so the set menu was up.

There is also a Vegetarian menu as well!!!

Today’s Menu was:

Creamy white bean soup, coriander oil and red paprika crackers

Roasted leeks, green cabbage pesto, pickled carrots and gorgonzola


The delicious part of this dish was testing the different flavors together, my favorite was. Pickled carrot with the pesto and crunchy leek, all on my fork. 

Beef carpaccio, miso and sesame dressing, fermented tiny broccoli, pine nuts EVOO & croutons

This was so yummy I forgot to take a photo but the beef was cut to tender that after three bite’s, it disappeared in my mouth, had to take  another fork full.

Pulled Pork, prosciutto and bay leaf broth with wilted red chard and potatoes


This might look small here but was a lot and so so delicious, I kept dipping the pork in the juices. 

Warm apple tart served with coffee custard


Unbelievable and a perfect finish to a divine meal.

As I said before I really have to go back and write a proper article one this place. I just hope this zip post tempt your palate.  Please visit the website to this place, it is simply amazing.



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