You need a Passport to descend

Into the magical land of Le Marche 

Unfasten your seat belts and let go…


Below you will find a land with soil that is rich to farm, strong medieval villages to protect you from what ever comes.

The Adriatic sea below is full of fish for you to eat, not fish that will eat you, so this body of water is another wondrous place to play and have fun, all sports and people of all ages are welcome.

There is “Black Gold” down there as well, if you want to go deep into the forests to look for it, you might run into Mrs. Hedgehog or  Mr. Porcupine taking his family out for the day but beware of the Wild Boar that will be looking for the “Black Gold” as well.

If you get lost in the mountains you have nothing to fear, because you will have no problem finding shelter in the many scattered tiny cabins and caves around.

So get your passport and descend into the magical world waiting for you below.

via Daily Prompt: PassportPassport

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