Porto San Giorgio

Porto San Giorgio is one of the many seaside jewels we have here along the coast.

Honestly, I never knew how beautiful Porto S Giorgio really is.  Sometimes, even I take what is around me for granted.


Today I had an early appointment in Porto San Giorgio and when it was over at 10am, I decided to take advantage of this beautifully sunny day and walk around and “really” take a inside look at this seaside village that I come to so often for the beaches, markets and friends. I must say, I was wonderfully surprised at what I discovered.

 PORTO SAN GIORGIO OUTDOOR MARKET.  On Thursdays, is known in our parts, for finding all kinds of bargains, plants, kitchen supplies, and the latest styles in clothes and their copies.

Below I will take you on a photographic journey of my walk around Porto San Giorgio. We will see, fresh food markets, chalets, the beach, Bars for snacks, the old village with the watch tower, the marina, fountains, piazzas for socializing and children’s parks. I truly hope you enjoy.

My morning started at Bar Florian to meet a friend for a little sandwich and fresh juice.

Outside the Cafe, I found locals  sitting around enjoying the sun and having a chat.

There is a covered market, where local farmers sell their goods and the local fishermen sell their catch of the day, along with shops with fresh cheeses and meats. Today there was no fish because yesterday was a Sunday.

After the covered market, I took a walk to the old center.

The main church of Porto S. Giorgio and it’s cemetery of bones, which is called in Italian “Ossario”, it is a place where the remains of the dead are exhumed then the bones are collected.

Now down to the Sea, to see Porto San Giorgio’s  wonderful chalets lining the beaches, and a bit of the beach itself. Mind you, it is May 1 today and the water is too cold to go in, but in the summertime it seems this little town never sleeps.

Porto San Giorgio is full of beautiful homes, from the Liberty era. The Liberty came just after art nouveau, in fact the style came from Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917). Below are a few of the many beautiful homes and this is a site that will explain it in more depth.



Walking around I took photos of things I thought were “cool”. Here we have art, fountains, parks and sweet little shops.


Last but not least our marina, where the boats come in and go out, here in Porto San Giorgio many of the young kids are in sailing school. In the summer, yachts fill the harbor.  Everyday, except Sunday, the fishermen go and catch fresh fish for all of us to enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed seeing Porto San Giorgio through my eyes, today after 8 years I fell in love with this place.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer.

Thank You for the visit, Issa



Written and photographed by Issa

8 thoughts on “Porto San Giorgio

  1. calmkate says:

    Your photos and story really took me there, I totally enjoyed my scenic tour thanks Issa! You certainly live in a delightful setting, the old buildings and village feel. I love markets and they must be fun with a great collection of goodies and people.

    Liked by 1 person

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