I have broken, my own magic.

How could I have done this to myself

all by myself

without the help of anyone else?

I did not even know it was happening

time slipped away from me

I hope it’s not too late

to grab the ends of the strings

that are flapping in the breeze.

The magic of Le Marche is still

all around me but instead of sharing it

I have selfishly just been enjoying it.

Now realizing what I have done

all by myself, I have broken my own heart.

Now it’s time to get it back



11 thoughts on “I have broken, my own magic.

  1. PaulMTL says:

    This is the first post I have seen since I came back to writing after illness. I tried to say something similar but, it came out in a more distorted story revealing what I felt and not what I aspire to. Beautiful job and a wonderful topic well written. PaulMTL

    Liked by 1 person

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