Photo by Alice Miller

Hello fellow travelers, my name is Issa.

I fell in love with traveling at an early age and have traveled all my life. My family would always ask me, “Issa, when will you buy a home and settle down?” But I was too in love with travel. Then just by luck, of being in the right place at the right time (house party in Florence, Italy) I began talking to an English gentleman  with whom  told me about an enchanting place called “Le Marche”.

I hopped on a train a few days later and when I stepped off, I was taken in by a world of beauty and simplicity that I have never known but always imagined as my perfect place. Being an American here I get asked all the time…. “Why would you ever leave America and come live here?” ……

I got to an age, where I thought a lot about, my Mind, Body & Soul. I wanted to eat good food without paying a fortune, breath good clean air and have a wonderful day life. So when I came here to this magical place, I found my spot on this Earth. Now after living here since 2009, still when driving down the same roads, I am in awe of the beauty around me. The changing of seasons. I have had many guests with whom I share my home with and they keep coming back.

So now I wold love to share  The Magic of Le Marche with you.

Photo by Alice Miller