Le Marche Magic by Issa

Thank You Kate for this wonderful interview….

Meet the Bloggers

I think Issa visited my blog shortly after she started hers as monkey brain, I loved her humour and open warmth immediately. That she was living in exotic rural Italy only added to the charm. Then gradually came the revelations that she had all these other interesting blogs showcasing her local region and her holidays! She writes well and from her heart so well worth a visit.


Where were you raised?
On planet Earth is what I tell people who ask, because I was born in Brooklyn New York but never lived there. First 6 years between Florence Italy, Bodrum Turkey and the South of France, Eze Village. Then moved back to the States to Miami Fla. till 13 then Manhattan NY till 16 then back to Miami till 19 when Life on my own began.

Do you live far from there now?
Ha ha ha… Well I am…

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A lovely blog by Courtney Adamo of Somewhere Slower on Le Marche

This is a site worth visiting!!!   somewhereslower.com Driving across Italy you are struck by just how green and fertile this country is. Trees, plants and vines seem to cover every vista and cling to every mountainside, no matter how vertiginous it might be. There are orchards, olive groves and grain fields everywhere you look … Continue reading A lovely blog by Courtney Adamo of Somewhere Slower on Le Marche

Bigger than love…an interview to lovely Issa and her ‘Le Marche Magic’


One of the things I love best of having started my blog is the chance to get in touch with many people and other bloggers.
I love to discuss and exchage points of view with people with different experiences, cultures and nationalities. This makes you feel close to so many friends, even at distance. Each of them with different interests and passions, but all linked from following a blog or from writing their own where they talk about what they particoularly care about. Sometimes it also happens to find bloggers with very similar passion to yours…that’s what happened with Issa, an American lady who moved in Le Marche seven years ago and I got in touch with thanks to her own blog: Le Marche Magic.Please keep reading this wonderful interview, which is also the outcome of a beautiful interaction between bloggers 🙂

Where are you originally from and when/where did you move…

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Lame Rosse: the Monument Valley of Le Marche!

Reading this I personally can’t wait to do this hike. Lago to Fiastra is amazing… this post is beautiful. So followers please visit this website to read this post and so much more.


Dear friends,  I thought a lot before writing today’s post about a hike I had back in August. The reason of my sadness is that this area is currently closed to the public due to the recent terrible earthquake. This still make me feel very sad. Nevertheless, I want to remember this area the way it was and I feel lucky I had the chance to visit it in person before the tragic event on August 24, 2016.

Actually, I wanted to visit the so called “Lame Rosse” close to the town of Fiastra for long. The photos of the area I looked up online reminded me of the scenic splendor of the Monument Valley in the US.

So, back to that day and after parking my car, I was ready and so excited to start hiking! However, the unexpected landscape I was sorrounded by totally blew my mind: the Lake of…

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