Notes from fellow travelers

21 thoughts on “Notes from fellow travelers

  1. Antonella Frinconi says:

    Hi to all!
    I’m Antonella and I live in Le Marche, in Porto San Giorgio.
    Here we REALLY have a lot of things to do, we have a magic territory to discover.
    Mountain and sea, beautiful hills and REALLY good organic food. Smells and flavors are specials and uniques, nature is part of our whole life, and we are so jealous of this, maybe this is the reason of our mystery about us.
    Come and visit our magic Le Marche, magical and amazing things happen!
    Antonella F.

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  2. Andrew Connor says:

    My girlfriend and I visited fall of 2016 and we had a wonderful time seeing all the beautiful sites of the area, we had a great guide naturally. I don’t think we would of seen as much as we did without her. The only regret is we didn’t have more time there.

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  3. James Speed says:

    In some ways I am very reluctant to write this post as I feel I’m giving away some well kept secrets!!
    When I first visited Le Marche 9 years ago I was mesmerised by its untouched beauty, incredible views to the mountains and the sea, ancient medieval towns perched on the tops hills that seem to belong in a fairytale.
    Le Marche has a wealth of treasures to explore, its history is fascinating, some of the most well preserved towns and villages in Italy , still untouched by mass tourism, are their for you to enjoy without the crowds of Florence or Rome.
    What will really make you never forget this place and make you want to come back for more are its food and people, lunches that continue into the afternoon wth fresh local foods , cooked and served by people who have a passion for their region and local produce.
    Issa has the insider knowledge to this treasure trove of an undiscovered Italy, go explore Le Marche, you won’t be disappointed!

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  4. Xochtle Mcknight says:

    I visited Le Marche for the first time, and I was amazed by the diverse beauty of the region. From its rolling hills to gorgeous beaches, Le Marche is truly a magical place. Issa was a wonderful tour guide, giving us the non-tourist tour. The food in Le Marche is both diverse and delicious, and the residents are warm and welcoming. Can’t wait to return!

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  5. Gianni says:

    I met Issa when she was just arrived in Le Marche but I quickly realized that she had fallen in love with these landscapes (and not only 😉). We did at the time many walks and she was intrigued by the small villages that she saw on the top of the surrounding hills and said “I want to go and visit that” pointing her finger. After many years I can say that she visited and discovered almost all the treasures of this beautiful and enchanted region. Brava Issa!

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  6. Julia says:

    The beauty and splendour of Le Marche had always mesmerised me. You can go to the beach, be in the splendour of the mountains or just enjoying the many beautiful old towns that are spread across the hills. Thanks to Issa i now know a little of this magical part of Italy and look forward to exploring more in the coming years

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    • Le Marche Magic. says:

      Honesty I just would love to share the beauty of Le Marche and if anyone comes to visit I would take them around and show them this amazing place….Touring is my goal. my site is only 2 moths old. So right now I am just building it and sharing it. It really is off the beaten path here because everyone wants Florence, Venice and Rome. I really love it here as you can see from the site and I’m enjoying going around blogging and interviewing.

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  7. sarettaontheroad says:

    Hi Issa! I am Sara, a “Marchigiana Vera” (born and raised) and I live in Porto Sant’Elpidio. You are from Grottazzolina, right? So you perfectly know where I am placed 🙂
    I would like to thank you for your beautiful blog, for the words you spend for Le Marche, for the love that you manifest in every single blog you write! I am proud to be Marchigiana and I am glad to know that we as Marchigiani were able to let you feel at home in a Country so far (geographically and culturally) from the US. I am sure, because it is very easy to understand from your words, that you feel a Marchigiana Vera, as well!
    Your blog is very useful for all tourists, that would like to come over here and enjoy our area, but I have to tell you something … it is very useful also for all Marchigiani, that. most of all in this hard and sad moment, need to start back smiling.
    I am one of them and I smiled when I read your blog!!
    Thank you Issa!


    • Le Marche Magic. says:

      Ahhhhhhhh…… what a breath of fresh air you are…. Thank you so so much. I don’t hear from enough people, but I keep writing. I was just thinking of my next blog post, since I just finished Ascoli now I will be doing our area. I am a bit prejudice, because I love our Provence of Fermo the best, hihihihiiiii…..
      Porto Sant’Elpidio, is a wonderful place and all my friends from there have an interesting twist to them, that I enjoy truly.
      Sara thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and leave your inspiring comments. Comments are important they are like a pay day for me, that I am doing a good job. Thank You, Issa

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